Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids have ijāzah (permission) to collect khums and zakāt from most marājiʿ. Khums given to Al-Kisa Foundation and Kisa Kids is used locally to further Islamic educational resources such as developing children's literature, curriculum, projects, games, shows, and more!* 

*Sahm as-sādāt is used to support local families with educational needs, tuition, and other necessities.  

Al-Kisa Foundation is working in collaboration with Islamic Humanitarian Services (IHS) in Canada and all donations receipts will come through them. For khums donations larger than $500, please mail us a check to avoid transaction fees. If you would prefer to donate another way, please email 


What has khums funded in the past?

  • The donation of 2,100 Kisa Kids books to 95 public libraries across the US
  • The donation of Kisa Kids books to over 100 Shia organizations (schools and masājid) across the US
  • The development of 8 annual project booklets for the different Islamic occasions, which can be downloaded for free on our website
  • The production of over 45 children’s programs on the Kisa Kids YouTube Channel to help our young Muslims learn about Islam while the masājid are closed
  • The development of 13 new children's books, such as Rahmah the Raindrop, Hamza and Aliya Share the Ramadan Cheer, and more! 
  • The development of curriculum such as Verses of Light and new curriculum for 9th through 12th grade.
  • The opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Ahl al-Bayt (ʾa) and serve our communities by providing lasting Islamic resources that will benefit generations to come inshāʾAllāh!

What will khums be used toward in the future?

  • Creating more books and digital content for teenagers and young adults
  • Funding future projects, such as more toddler board books, interactive children’s ziyarat books, a five-volume Quran tafsir, Youth Q&A books, Hajj and Ziyarah guides, and more!
  • Developing more interactive and educational games like the recently launched 12 Imāms Memory Matching Game.
  • The ongoing development of Salam Online, our online weekend Islamic school, geared towards those who do not have access to weekend schools
  • The development of more Islamic Studies curriculum
  • The development of more classes and educational resources for children and adults alike!